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Mineral rich energy municipality – a hub

Fauske is a vibrant community with an ambition to grow with space to grow. As a small town, Fauske represents a residential and labour market for people who wish to live in the centre of Salten, whilst having access to the extended services the regional capital of Bodø represents. In addition to the municipal centre of Fauske, there are the villages of Sulitjelma in Sulitjelma Valley and Valnesfjord in the west. All the areas have their own unique characteristics.

Fauske is an electric power municipality, and with its high level of power production and geographic position, its location is highly suitable for the establishment of energy production industries. Fauske is also known for its earlier mining in Sulitjelma, and it is actively aimed to startup copper mining operations.

Fauske has a new modern and well-functioning intermodal goods terminal for loading between train and vehicles that transport more than 45% of all goods via Nordland Railway. Fauske is an important logistics hub where the E6 and railway run straight through the municipality. This allows proper movement of goods as well as labour. The municipality also have a well-functioning transport corridor through Tjernfjellet to Sweden and Europe, which has opened up new markets and opportunities. In short, Fauske’s location makes the municipality an ideal place for the development and growth of new businesses.

At Finneid, a few kilometres south of the centre, the municipality has a deep-water quay providing a maritime connection via Saltstraumen to the rest of Norway, Europe, and the world.

Kristian Amundsen

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