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Seafood, tourism and energy-intensive industry

Gildeskål is an electric power municipality with rich access to power for new business establishments. Aquaculture is a large focus area in the municipality encompassing the whole production chain from spawning to slaughtering. In addition, Gildeskål has a research station, upper secondary school, a training office, and companies with expertise in macroalgae and cod farming.

The tourism industry in Gildeskål can offer guests a wild ocean, high mountains and relaxation. Gildeskål churchyard, which is an important area for adventures in Salten, is under construction.

Communication with the regional capital, Bodø, is good by sea and regional road FV17. The centre of the municipality, Inndyr, is one hour and fifteen minutes away by car from Bodø. The municipality has a business fund and other good business establishment incentives.

Tore Laugsand

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