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Industry, aquaculture and tourism

Meløy is a strong industrial municipality, and the village of Glomfjord is a centre for industrial business development in the region. This district municipality has a significant amount of industrial production, and a dynamic and varied business community. The prerequisites for future-oriented business development are in place, and the municipality provides good framework conditions.

Large industrial companies such as Yara and Norwegian Crystals are found in Glomfjord, which have a ripple effect on the regional economy. Today’s companies are in a good position to convert to a low-emission community. Renewable energy resources are abundant in the municipality, which provides a competitive advantage for establishing and developing industries.

Meløy is also a large actor within the fishery and fish farming sector. Maritime transport forms an important part of the transport infrastructure in the municipality. The Port of Glomfjord has the capacity to handle larger volumes of shipments than what it does today. Many skilled workers are also available.

Stine Estensen

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