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Agriculture, maritime industries and reindeer husbandry


With its location below the Polar Circle on the Helgeland Coast, Rødøy is known for its scenic surroundings ranging from high mountains and glaciers via the archipelago with a thousand islands and skerries out to the wide ocean. Rødøy is located in Norlandsleia, and the islands in the municipality have been important landmarks for seafarers.

The municipality is located on the coastline between the towns of Mo i Rana and Bodø. County road FV17 ‘The Coastal Route’ runs through the municipality, and several local and regional express boats and ferries call at the municipality. Fishing, aquaculture and agriculture are the main industries. Rødøy has a high number of self-employed people, and the tourism industry is growing. The municipality also has workshop companies related to, among others, maritime companies and the whisky distillery.

The Municipality has several business funds aimed at establishing more jobs. Rented municipal housing is also available in most districts.

Kitt Grønningsæter

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