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National park centre, industry and aquaculture

Saltdal is also one of the large industrial municipalities in the county. Located in the municipal centre of Rognan is Nexans, a company that has marked itself internationally as an innovative actor within the production of ocean cables. The cables are shipped from the newly built quay.

Saltdalshytta is in the top tier when it comes to the production of prefabricated cabins in Norway, and the company is continually developing. The municipality also has an enriched expert environment within rehabilitation, mental health care and protected workplaces.

As a host municipality and promoter of culture, Saltdal is known for innovative thinking, and the village’s new rock stage, Slipen, has managed to attract 15,000 visitors to various events since the first concert in autumn 2010.

Saltdal’s rich and diverse nature has contributed to the municipality now having two national parks: Saltfjellet/Svartisen and Junkerdal. The municipality is host for the Nordland National Park Centre which is a visitor and information centre for the county’s national parks.

Elin Kvamme

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